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Siobhan Nefertari Renée
World renowned International Art Investment Consultant -CEO/Founder of Avoir Fine Art & Collections | Art Advisor Specialized in Modern | Contemporary Art
International Global Studies | Art History| Interior Design Background
She represents profound artists that have crossed traditionally contentious art ideologies. Innovative creativity that simply allows the collector to admire grandeur. Siobhan Nefertari Renée works exclusively with Art Investors, Interior Designers, Set Designers, & Private Art Collectors. Specializing in Professional Art Consulting services Offering Distinct Art Programs for Residential & Commercial Projects.....
Siobhan Nefertari Renée has the #1 exclusively for Developers, Interior Designers, Set Designers, & Private Collectors Internationally & Within the United States. Complimentary advice on appropriate methods for art sales, art hanging, of entire collections. Individual, photography, paintings, sculptures,
recommend and organize appropriate conservation, framing of artworks......
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